Author Topic: NEED BYPASS PATTERN LOCK S7 SM930V, SAVE DATA. Found daughter dead holding phone  (Read 1904 times)

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HELLO, I'm New here and NOT real tech on cell phones. Not DUMB just not familiar with the language.
Okay, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-930V It belonged to my talented, beautiful, FUNNY, caring young daughter. :'( She was just 22yrs. old and one day last November her life ended at age 22. I found her too late and CANNOT get passed the ripping of my heart. Some things just DON'T seem right. She was GRIPPING HER PHONE when I found her, she had been shot & they ruled it as suicide. Every SWEET memory of my girl is on this phone but there's a pattern lock on it, I am afraid of LOSING pics, data, videos ect off of it. Also I believe that her phone will lead me to other IMPORTANT information of what happened to her. Please ANYONE, Help Me get passed the pattern lock and not DESTROY any data on the phone.   Thank you in advance for anyone willing to get me through this.
God Blees You All.