Author Topic: How to root & Unlock Note Edge SM-N915P QI5 and above (6.0.1) for Global GSM  (Read 2659 times)

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DISCLAMER: Rooting the device will void the phone warranty, by following these steps you accepting it.

NOTE: QI0 and above ROMs have a new protections that requires a different version of our app, so please follow these instructions in order to unlock it.

1.) Root your device using these instructions:

2.) If you have our standard app already installed please do this:
    - Open our app, tap on the top right menu button, then tap on "Uninstall unlock app".
    - Reboot in order to complete the uninstallation.

3.) Click on the following link, it will let you download the app built for SM-N915P on QI5:
4.) Proceed to unlocking Click for Instructions
See you ;-)