Author Topic: Root posts have been moved in the new boards, upon Android version, look above!  (Read 4186 times)

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As explained in the object we moved the root threads in their respective sub-board, one for each Android version so it will be easier to choose the correct instructions thread.

The boards are the following:

1.) Lollipop (Android 5)

2.) Marshmallow (Android 6)

3.) Nougat(Android 7)
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To root & unlock your phone, is the process to free yourself from the bloatware which is impossible to uninstall. You can also do wireless setting if it gets disabled by default. Main benefits included with this are ability to install special apps and flash custom ROMs, each of which can add extra features and streamline your phone or tablet’s performance. Numbers of people are attracted with the ability to completely customize the look of their phones. You can accept or regret the app permission.

You will surely find apps when you root like, some apps allow you to automatically backup all of your apps and all of their data, create secure tunnels to the Internet, completely block advertisements, make your device a wireless hotspot or overclock your processor.