Author Topic: How to root & Unlock S4 SPH-L720 OK3 & PL1 for Global GSM  (Read 5403 times)

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How to root & Unlock S4 SPH-L720 OK3 & PL1 for Global GSM
« on: April 09, 2016, 12:17:00 PM »
DISCLAMER: Rooting the device will void the phone warranty, by following these steps you accepting it.

NOTE: Before to proceed be aware of the fact that root is not needed if you just would like to SIM unlock the phone as our app now works even on stock rom.

PLEASE FIRST GO TO: Settings>About Device>Model and see if you have a SPH-L720 (First generation S4) or SPH-L720T (Triband version) Please go to the other thread for SPH-L720T as it has different Software/Firmware files!

1.) Power off phone completely.
2.) Hold Home and Volume-(down), keep them pressed and power the phone on.
3.) Press Volume+(up) when prompted to enter "Downloading Mode"
4.) Connect USB and wait for all drivers to finish installing.
5.) Flash or in Odin3 "AP/PDA" slot.
6.) After reboot repeat steps 1-3 to enter "Downloading Mode" and select cfautoroot in Odin3 "AP/PDA" slot, then pust START on Odin3, the file will be flashed.
7.) Proceed to unlocking  Click for Instructions
8.) Be sure to do GCF Setting for S4 Click for Instructions

Odin3 for Windows Click to Download
ChainfireAutoroot Click to Download
Samsung USB Drivers Click to Download
idoneapps Custom OK3 Click to Download
idoneapps Custom PL1: Removed because the PL1 ROM is not compatible with the needed GSM modem. Please flash the OK3 ROM instead, it will work even if your device is on PL1 yet.
Password (if needed)
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