Author Topic: *Fix* S5 SM-G900P with No data and "NOT SUPPORT" in NVBACKUP Menu  (Read 3906 times)

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For those who have tried the fix below and get "NOT SUPPORT" and want to use touchwiz there is a solution via way of flashing a stock based custom ROM

Code: [Select]
There is a software fix:

From our app press GCF Setting Button.

Tap these options in the following order:


Then manually reboot.

Now unlock the phone again using our app.

Now set the APN and test data.

Do that procedure 2 or 3 times if the first one doesn't work.

So now for the FIX :)

I purchased unlock from iDone and couldn't get any data service while on stock rom no matter what we tried and trust me, me and Ryan at iDone have been trying for some time now and no luck we summed it up to a hardware issue :-\

The only way i was able to get data service on the phone was by flashing a Cyanogenmod custom rom, I would get H+ and everything was good but i didn't have touchwiz and i didn't have access to fingerprint scanner, s health heart rate sensor and smart remote along with the other Samsung apps so i basically had a phone that wasn't reaching its full potential, so the search began for a stock based custom rom that would give me the features i need and would allow data service...

After trying a host of Sprint based custom roms which all failed to give me data service i started trying international and other gsm variant based custom roms that were compatible with most Qualcomm devices and i finally found one that gave me everything i was looking for see link below to install and have fun with your new Samsung Galaxy S5 :)

Source article:

Rom download (fast link on Mega):!lNZTjBQa!gsLMX0c6OEtQtNmAlwz4hKAYPwW5wfsUTumnxzYYeps



Thanks to Ryan and Stefano i wouldn't have reached this far without you
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