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Remote... 7/23/15 corresponded via mainlinepcs

v1.03 update is now live, you may go download it, press "menu" button on your phone(or the 3 dot menu button) and select "Debranding"


Can I use the unlock app - given that I purchased my unlock prior to completion or availability of the app itself - or would I need to do a new purchase?

Thanks, tried it...I will prob continue to find folder...using the app seems to be taking me through the process from the beginning...imei check, clean up su (full unroot showing in that option) etc.  Appreciate your work

Thanks!  Thought I resolved it but the software update notice  I used root browser - went to system folder - then priv app - then sprint dm and deleted sprint dm apk couldn't locate the entire folder by name...

Nice site!  ?  How can I get rid of the system update notice?  Seems like it might have been covered but I can't figure it out...G900P Domestic Sim Unlocked

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