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Unlock your phone without root / How to SIM Unlock Note10/10+
« Last post by idone on December 07, 2019, 05:39:15 PM »
How to SIM Unlock Note10/10+ from Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile or Credo

Supported on Stock ROM bit 1 (see picture where "U1" is shown.

1.) Download and install our unlock app.

2.) Purchase the unlock from within the app(if you are a reseller or using Credits select IMEI.unlock file in ResellerTools and press "Grant Customers Remote Unlock Request"(see pic) IMEI.unlock file is created in the root of the phones internal storage the first time unlock app is opened, copy it from phone to PC or have your customer select "Request Unlock" from your reseller app and obtain it from your email)

3.) Enable Developer options from Settings>About phone>Software information>tap "Build number" 5 time to enable it

4.) Enable USB Debugging from within "Developer options" connect the phone via USB to your PC and wait for all drivers to finish installing.

5.) Open ResellerTools and select IMEI.unlock if you have not already so that it may download the unlock license for your device.

6.) Select the IMEI of the device to be unlock from the "Approved IMEI's" section of ResellerTools(see pic)

7.) Press "Unlock Sprint Note10/10+ button and device will be Permanently Unlocked! (please wait approx 1-2 minutes for unlock to complete, !!!watch your phones screen!!! to "always allow" USB Debugging when prompted!!!.

ResellerTools_Updater and its Prerequsities as well as USB Drivers links at bottom of this page Click to open ResellerTools page
Password (if needed)
To root & unlock your phone, is the process to free yourself from the bloatware which is impossible to uninstall. You can also do wireless setting if it gets disabled by default. Main benefits included with this are ability to install special apps and flash custom ROMs, each of which can add extra features and streamline your phone or tablet’s performance. Numbers of people are attracted with the ability to completely customize the look of their phones. You can accept or regret the app permission.

You will surely find apps when you root like, some apps allow you to automatically backup all of your apps and all of their data, create secure tunnels to the Internet, completely block advertisements, make your device a wireless hotspot or overclock your processor.
CAn your unlock support the CSC8 update on the SM-G965U???
You're welcome! Thank you for the purchase 8)

Since the device is rooted and you're using a stock ROM I strongly suggest you to use the debranding menu to disable the Sprint apps, so you will also disable the boring hands free activation app.
YYYYYYESSSSSSSS!!!! It worked! I am up and running with my N920P on Verizon (now aka, "Preferred System") with LTE working! There was no need to use the QPST now that I am rooted with stock as it is registering LTE (though the icon says roaming) and download speeds are appropriate for 4G/LTE as such over mobile. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
WOW! I never would have guessed that. Very interesting. THANK YOU! I will definitely buy the app and give it a go. Please sleep well knowing you helped someone today (as long as I do this right ;-)
The SIM is not needed, you can unlock the device without a SIM inserted.
Oh well. I see now that you are sleeping, no problem. I will reach out for further support if needed. Thank you so much for your help.
Ok, last question and then I will buy the app and give it a go...

With which SIM shall I do the flash back to stock and/or the unlock app and then QPST?
To answer your questions:

I don't suggest to use a custom ROM as those may lack needed services/apps required to unlock the device and/or to let the device work with all carriers.
My suggestion is to flash the stock ROM, root it using our instructions: then use our app to perform the unlock:
Included you will have Hotspot and tethering unlock, MSL read, debrand, Hands Free Activation removal and many other features.

About the flash PRL feature unluckily it works up to Android 5, from Marshmallow the PRL writing method changed and we weren't able to achieve it anymore :'(

About the communication the email is fine, please note that I'm italian and my time zone is GMT +2, I'm actually going to sleep right now!  :-X
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