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This procedure won't root your phone, it will allow you to unlock it using the engineering bootloader and our app.

Note: This method only works on Sprint, Boost Mobile, Credo Mobile and Virgin Mobile devices.

1.) Connect the phone to a PC and save all pictures / important files. (Do this because you will need to factory reset the device).

2.) Go to Settings > About Device > and tap "Build Number" 7 times to enable "Developer Menu",
      then enable "USB Debugging" in the Developer Menu. Connect USB and more drivers may install.

3.) Power off phone completely.

4.) Hold Home and Volume+(up), keep them pressed and power the phone on, phone will turn on and load recovery menu.

5.) Once in recovery, move through the items up and down using the volume buttons, and select the items using the power button.
     Move to Wipe data/factory reset, select it, then move to yes and select it.
     Move to Wipe cache partition, select it, then move to yes and select it.
     Move to Reboot to bootloader, select it, phone will boot in download mode.

6.) Connect the phone to the PC using an USB cable and wait for all drivers to finish installing.
7.) Unzip and select ENG_ROOT_N950U.tar.md5 in Odin3_v3.12_skip(SHA256) "AP" slot,
     then push START on Odin3_v3.12_skip(SHA256), the file will be flashed.

8.) Proceed to unlocking Click for Instructions

9.) After the unlock you can flash the stock rom, download it from our repository.
     Select the latest one for your model: Note8 SM-N950U (SPR), use Odin3 v3.12.10 in order to flash the ROM.

Note8 Engineering Bootloader Click to Download
Odin3 v3.12 skip(SHA256) Click to Download
Odin3 v3.12.10 Click to Download
Samsung USB Drivers Click to Download
Password (if needed)
Well I'm not having any luck with this new device. .. s915p but site to check imei says  sgh i353, an s3.... software is QC1. please help. I've went thru the steps many times and nothing. 
Hello hlzimmerman1971,

should the device locks back again you will be able to use our app again to unlock it because the license last for all the phone lifetime, so don't worry about it.
Well,  i got hold of a blacklisted s915p.. and I've stuck with buying your program again. This time though, i am going to root the device so i don't have a relock, like the first time.  Have you guys hit the Samsung update relock patch head on and modified your unlock app to prevent it? I'm tempted just to flash it, but I'll have the same issue of relock a few months down the road,  so I'll be doing a root. (2 years ago i bought your unlock, was successful, an OTA update came thru,  and RELOCKED the device 4 months later. .. s915p, sprint)
No data/internet means the APN is not correctly set:
I can't get data to activate after unlock
Q&A Troubleshooting / pattern failure / pw reset bypass ZTE z932l
« Last post by Youdoofus on September 05, 2017, 04:19:54 PM »
Ok, so wifi and data service got turned off on this phone before the pattern had been attempted too many times so resetting it via the google account is unfortunately not an option. Any ways around this? There are a ton of irreplaceable pictures of my friends kiddos on this phones internal storage. Oh, usb debugging isnt enabled either. Perfect storm of issues here
General Discussions / LG G5 Sprint Mobile Data Slow Down Massive Problem
« Last post by giorgi8820 on September 02, 2017, 04:06:32 AM »

All LG G5 Sprint Models Have Same Problem.

When i bought mobile Unlock With Ocotplus Box, but this is no for my problem this problem has everyone, Who have LG G5 Sprint.

Problem: When Mobile Data Is On Youtube Working Perfect, All Video, All Quality, High Quality Need High Speed, but when i send photos in Viber or Facebook Mobile Data is Slow Down and laging, No photos are sent because of slow internet work.

Someone has a fix & any ideas?

Trying to root my lg k3 phone any body can help me
This doesn't flash anything to the recovery partition, only flashes bootloader.
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