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With the official update, when will we get the root method for Nougat? (PS, the official build is QAA. For some reason, it is not on Samfirm.)

What is the result you get when you try to install Xposed? A soft brick? Be sure you're installing the custom build by @wanam (XDA) first! If you directly install the latest you will get a soft brick.

no, I just get a message in the installer that xposed is not installed, This is after flashing the xposed framework ZIP.

Install Xposed v. 85 Custom build by wanam.

Marshmallow (Android 6) / Nougat Official
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:04:45 PM »
It's time for Nougat to be released! The rollout has started, beginning with beta users. Now we need to find a root method for Nougat!

Cannot get Xposed installed. Also the links to xposed posted above are down.
The superSU wouldnt install so I used a differ one from xda and it installed.
I have lag but used seeder to reduce it some.

I'm on Sprint

I have MMs, Data, Voice & Wi-Fi all working. Just can't get Xposed so no hotspot working.

Also package disabler wouldn"t verify license and gave me trouble uninstalling. Had to use Titanium backup to freeze packages. Used TB to uninstall package disabler pro also.
What is the result you get when you try to install Xposed? A soft brick? Be sure you're installing the custom build by @wanam (XDA) first! If you directly install the latest you will get a soft brick.

Marshmallow (Android 6) / Installing Xposed Framework on SM-G93X-X
« on: February 09, 2017, 08:25:25 PM »
At the time of this writing, the latest Xposed version is Xposed 87.

NOTE: Doing this will cause our phone to lag! Maybe they will fix this soon. Who knows?

1. Install the Xposed Installer from
        NOTE: Do NOT install Xposed from here! I believe that most/all models will end up in a soft brick!
2. Download Xposed 85.1 custom build by wanam from, but don't extract.
3. Install FlashFire from
4. Open FlashFire, grant it root access, and select the '+' icon. Tap 'Flash ZIP or OTA'.
5. Navigate to this directory:
Code: [Select]
/sdcard/Downloads/and tap on the Xposed ZIP file.
6. Leave all the default settings alone, and tap 'OK'. Tap 'FLASH', then tap 'OK'.
7. Your phone will flash, then reboot. It may be stuck on the last boot screen ('LTE Plus' for Sprint) for a while. This is normal, your phone is just building a new dalvik cache. Then Android will have to relaunch. This will take longer, depending on how many apps you have.
8. When it reboots, launch the Xposed Installer. You can now update your framework to the latest version.

Congratulations! You've successfully installed the Xposed Framework.

LAG FIX: Install BuildProp Editor from Change the value
Code: [Select] from 'true' to 'false'. Reboot. This may help, but not completely fix lag.

If you use Xposed Installer to uninstall the Xposed Framework, be sure to delete EVERYTHING in this directory:
Code: [Select]
/data/dalvik-cache/ afterwords. Then reboot.

If this soft bricked your phone, flash stock firmware and post your EXACT steps. I will see where you went wrong and help you.

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to tell me!

i get bootloop g935p pl6
i did all steps but not resolved
please help
Well, you'd better flash the stock firmware.
Are you sure you used the correct boot image?
If so, after flashing stock, firmware, ensure that OEM Unlock is enabled.
(You can use OEMUnlockRE or HASING if you are still having trouble)
UPDATE 2/9/2017: iPlus TechNet HASING is built into Android 6.0.1 PL6. Don't bother using OEMUnlockRE or HASING, they are already in effect.
UPDATE 2/11/2017: Root is even less likely to fail in PL6! The iPlus TechNet HRAL Plugin and Driver is a security and speed up feature that replaces various KNOX functionality components, and is way more lenient in hidden and systemless REMORED rooting (Provided by iPlus TechNet REMOREDRoot)! Thank you to everyone at iPlus TechNet! You give my life more purpose (iPlus TechNet PREPOSED)!!!! Thankspal thank!
UPDATE 2/12/2017: Amazing! BRUTUSROOT now exploits security vulnerabilities in your phone and ROOTS IT WITHOUT A PC!!! Use it! It controlled my device and stealed infos, but it workes owl! OWELTELLERONIROOT also work, but is not as fast.

Hello everyone,
I liked the features of Cyanogenmod while it was supported.
Does anyone know how to install LineageOS on PL6 firmware?
Also, can I flash the original boot.img after I am rooted, or will it then unroot?

Hey everyone, just tested this on PL6 firmware, it worked perfectly. When the next update comes out, how can I update without unrooting and rerooting? I think that if I downloaded the firmware and flashed it with FlashFire EverRoot, I would be on a custom binary, which wouldn't go over well with Qualcomm SecureBoot. Any ideas?

Did anyone else experience bad lag with this root?
Nope, no lag.

Has anyone else had the "Checking device status" and the "Security Notice" problem that wont go away?
No, it worked for me. Are you on PK1 or PL6?

Hello everyone,
I am getting pretty anxious to know when this will be available on Nougat PLN. Anyone else here in the Galaxy Beta Programme? You can root an SM-G930F on Nougat by flashing TWRP to the phone, and using TWRP to flash the SU binaries. However, this does not work on the Sprint variant because of its locked bootloader.
Also, I noticed that Marshmallow PL6 is out. Has anyone rooted it on this firmware?

Hey, does anyone know how to unlock the bootloader?

Erkumsikt, you'd better restore the stock rom and let idone to experiment until he find a way to root the PLN rom. When done he'll open a new thread, this one is tested up to PK1.
Oh no, I've restored the stock ROM and tried a few times. I am pretty sure that with our current software, there is no way to root it on Nougat. What we need is a way to unlock the bootloader.

OK everyone, I seems like we have a problem. I upgraded to Android 7.0 (N) PLN firmware, but when I tried to root it, it began to bootloop. It looks like we need to modify the modified boot image to suit Nougat. If someone can find some way to install TWRP on an SM-G930P with Nougat, it will be possible. Until then!

You have to flash the PK1 stock rom, then you will be able to get the OTA update.
Ah, but when I download the update it does not show up in the cache partition.
UPDATE: OTAs are stored in /data/fota. The problem is that the package is seen as corrupt by FlashFire.

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